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Thread: UK election thread

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    Default Re: UK election thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludicus View Post
    H.H, read the Labour manifesto

    And that's a problem, according to white supremacists. Am I right, H.H?
    This could be a problem, for example, stop and search Labour could oppose as a policy because they may see it as ‘impacting’ on black people. Another example is counter-terrorism measures which they may relax because they think it’s Islamophobic.

    From the news,
    That makes the ECJ anti-Semite. Right, H.H.?
    Things are changing, H.H. Ban import of Israeli settlement goods | Letter | World news ...
    What do Israeli settlements have to do with anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by 95thrifleman
    Corbyn has badly misplayed his Brexit hand by saying he'll let EU citizens vote in the referendum
    And 16 year olds. But letting non-citizen foreigners vote is bang out of order, and a blatant attempt to gerrymander the electorate and rig elections.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PointOfViewGun View Post
    Nope. There is nothing to suggest dramatically that his heart is giving out. His heart attack is a testament to how well he can recover from something like that.

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    Default Re: UK election thread

    Got a question. I'm not very well versed on the current elections going on or British politics in general really but i was curious about the effects of Brexit regarding Ireland and to a point Scotland.

    Was reading this article and it seems that Brexit is causing the DUP to lose out while irish nationalists stand to potentially gain a majority in Parliament for the first time since 1921.

    The article points out this could amplify calls for Northern Ireland to split form the UK and re-join Ireland itself.

    My question is that is it really likely for the Irish nationalists to not only gain a majority, but call for a referendum regarding Northern Ireland's status?

    And from what i understand (could be wrong here) Scotland itself is pro-EU, so could we see another repeat of the Scottish independence referendum there even with the last referendum only being a couple years ago?

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    Default Re: UK election thread

    No, they want to call out the Irish-Celtic-Nationalism and they're working on the infiltration and reprogramming of all democratic forces.

    Beware the Irish threat. Saxon women are in danger!

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    Default Re: UK election thread

    I sure hope we'll soon see the decolonisation of Ireland.
    Optio, Legio I Latina

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    Default Re: UK election thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Gromovnik View Post
    I sure hope we'll soon see the decolonisation of Ireland.
    That is such an ignorant statement

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