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Thread: Increasing Zeal does not increase Weapon Damage (BUG)

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    Icon4 Increasing Zeal does not increase Weapon Damage (BUG)

    Hello, new member here. I have been playing TW (Rome 2 and Attila) for almost a year now. I love it. But I have found quite a few bugs until now, and this is one that ruins one of my favourite aspects of the game:

    So, in the game when generals increase their zeal more than 3 they get a weapon damage bonus for their bodyguard unit. In Rome 2 this works perfectly for the Grand Campaign and most DLCs. However I noticed that in Wrath Of Sparta and Imperator Augustus this does not happen.

    In particular this bug affects all WoS factions but only Roman factions in IA (Octavian, Lepidus, etc). It affects both bodyguard units (Legatus and Veteran Legionaires bodyguard) but strangely naval bodyguard units get the weapon damage bonus. In Wrath of Sparta all bodyguard units (Picked Hoplites and Royal Spartans) are affected and the naval bodyguards are affected too.
    Except weapon damage, I have no information on whether the chance to injure agents works either.

    Thia bug is confirmed for me, I do not use any mods and I am sure people can reproduce it, orherwise I may try to post screenshots.

    In my opinion this is a major bug, I like increasing the zeal of my generals for the weapon damage bonus and throw them in battle.

    I would appreciate any further information, I really want this to be fixed. I know the game is old but maybe we can bring this to the developer's attention somehow along with other bugs (i have plenty). Or maybe we can find a solution, maybe by editing some file in the game data? Or somehow creating a mod that fixes this issue?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Increasing Zeal does not increase Weapon Damage (BUG)

    Seems to be a duplicate to another thread.
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