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Thread: Rome 2 Very Important Crash Note

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    Rome 2 Very Important Crash Note

    For example, the game "Galactic Civilizations III" allows Modding, problem: It is unstable already vanilla and IF you mod, it just tends to crash excessively. In others words, that is a philosophic thing: You actually CAN mod the game, but you cant play it anymore, so you CAN mod the game - but you just CANT.

    Rome 2 allows Modding, and it works, stable, if it doesnt crash. My two mods "Hannibal All Factions Mod" and "Augustus All Factions Mod" work for me newest version Total War Rome 2 All DLCs All .packs. Hannibal crashed when you attack a town and the town army marches out of town to battle there. I was ready doing Hannibal in May 2019, and ran into that error, and just quit until October 2019. When I even tried to start Rome 2 in october, it crashed. I had to reinstall a fresh version > no crashes in Hannibal!

    There are 2 Augustus All Factions Mods, my mod, and another one, and since I loaded the other one to check some stuff, my own mod started crashing, faster and faster, in fifty percent of all battle loading screens. I refreshed > no crashes in Augustus!

    I tried an Empire Divided All Factions Mod, or, THE only mod, and it crashed in loading screen for any faction. I refreshed > no crashes in Divided!

    Rome 2 allows Modding, and it works, stable, if it doesnt crash. If too many different mod datas override themselves, Rome 2 runs into errors and tends to crash it seems.

    To solve this problem, there is a simple solution.


    In my case, the path is:

    C:\Users\UserNameX\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Rome2\Save_Games

    > I have a shortcut anyway to Save Games. Right click onto shortcut > open source folder, I am there.

    > I rescue out of Rome2\scripts the preferences.script for screen resolution and other true and false game stuff.

    > I rescue my save games to HDD anyway from SSD C Drive to HDD and Backup HDD often.

    If a mod does not work for you, it could be, that you just have used some of them and that they crapped up that Rome2 folder, which you just delete. You uncheck in Steam Launch or Mod Manager all mods, you delete them out of the Rome2 data folder (the other Rome2 folder where the game is, not the background data), and then you delete that whole Rome2 background data folder see the path above, and restart Windows 10.

    O, did I mention, that I have such bad crashes, that Total War Rome 2 just stops in the middle of a loading screen and freezes even Windows 10 to death??? Not even RESET works for me, I have to rip off the cable. That is funny, I would have done that anyway just for fun. After deleting the Rome2 background data folder and restarting Windows 10, you have a complete refreshed vanilla again, which shall work again.


    The most modders make sure that their mods just work newest version, I did. My mods just work for me and are just GREAT!

    Rome 2 allows Modding, and it works, stable, if it doesnt crash. To make sure you get a stable mod, you should refresh your Rome2 background data folder from time to time. If you encounter a serious crash, THAT is your best choice!

    Or, in other words: Be glad that there are many many great mods, for example the famous and glorious and genious Alexander the Great Extreme Edition, which just ANY Rome 2 player should know - and be glad that these mods actually will work.

    Rescue your Save Games and your Preferences Script, delete your Rome2 background data folder, restart Windows 10, BEFORE you do a new mod and a new Rome 2 game, and after Rome 2 was loaded the first time vanilla again and restored automatically the background data folder, copy and paste your preferences.script again and play your mod.

    Have fun! Have a good day!
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