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    A mod that alters Mortal Empire's multiplayer campaign to focus on PvP.

    I'm thinking a game would last about an hour or so. All factions start within a decent range of each other and have access to all units. There is no upkeep and players have a larger recruitment pool but with army limits and recruitment cost similar to multiplayer.

    The ultimate goal is to build a few armies and attack the other player. NPC factions are non-aggressive (maybe players investing into diplomacy can get a small army to assist). The main objective shouldn't be to take new territory, build up cities, or make money - it's to defeat the enemy player as quickly as possible within the campaign environment.

    My first thoughts for this mod was something like a chess game. Players start on a boosted but even playing field. They have a few pieces to maneuver and outsmart their opponent. Lords and heroes start at level 30+, build time and cost drastically reduced while research rate and income greatly increased. There wouldn't be a great number of turns but players could enhance their strength using these resources.

    Balancing something like this would be incredibly difficult but there may also be some fun in the unbalance of it all. So far I've only modded basic stats of existing units. Any information about the logistics of this, if it's possible, or something people would want to play.

    If someone likes this idea and wants to do it then I could make some nifty logos for you, lol. Depending on modding limitations I was thinking it could have a theme like "Race to Mordheim" where all factions start near Mordheim and whomever owns it at turn 20 wins (something similar with the Sword of Khaine would be fun). Basically if we can get players to start close to each other, give them a bunch of levels and money then they could have a gentleman's agreement on win conditions and army compositions.

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    Default Re: [Idea] Campaign Battles

    I think this is far beyond what is possible to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steph View Post
    I think this is far beyond what is possible to do.
    lol, yeah I usually get a little elaborate. How close could I get then?

    *Can I change the starting locations of players in a multiplayer campaign?
    *Can I make the NPC factions passive or much weaker/out of the way?
    *Can I give both players more funds per turn?

    I could copy their multiplayer cost right to the recruitment cost, I would just have to make sure they have enough money to balance it out. I was thinking I could make upkeep 10% of the multiplayer cost and then players might have an idea of multiplayer strength by the army cost. I've seen other mods add levels, xp gained, and/or increase skill point gain for Lords and Heroes. Their mount options might be an issue but again, I think it's one of those things that wouldn't be balanced but could be fun anyways.

    I am flexible with this idea. I may not need to change anything to mimic the multiplayer system but instead just reduce recruitment cost and upkeep for all units. I'm not trying to replace campaign or multiplayer but rather make a neat intermission from the normal game. If all I can do is make NPCs passive and then give the players a bunch of funds then that might work for my purposes. Players could just agree not to doom stack each other and plan army limits to make it fair - this wouldn't work for the masses but just fine for friendly games.

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