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Thread: Geomod bug?

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    Hail and well met, noble lords. Recently I was trying to polish the strat map and since I've read that Geomod is the only reasonable solution to do it, I downloaded the program but I can't seem to run it properly, because whenever I move my mouse cursor on the map to edit it, it moves away. Anyone experienced that issue?

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    it don´t exactly work like you suggested. there are tutorials out there, how to use it.
    geomod is a powerfull tool, if used correctly.
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    Learn. I didn't know how to do anything when I got this game, and now I know how to do quite a bit. Volunteer. Struggle. Figure it out.
    There are lots of cool mods that never see the light of day because people don't realize that mods need workers, not watchers, or realize it but continue to watch anyway.

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    I'm sorry but I didn't quite understand the purpose of your reply. Saying "learn how to use it" is not exactly helpful. That is basically why I wrote the post - to learn it, to find solution. There are no video tutorials for this tool unfortunately. Neither written manuals (which I've gone through) nor your post adress the problem that I've described. Have a good day.

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    I don't mod myself but I know that Gigantus has written a few guides and helps a lot of people on TWC. If he has anything for exactly what you're describing i'm unsure of, although at this point i'm pretty sure he's a wizard, so maybe? Otherwise the best you could do is PM a few modders, in general people are very helpful around here. Developers do browse these forums but not quite as much as one may expect. You may want to put up a post in the general "Third Age: Total War" section as well, incase you don't find your solution here.

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    Thank you, Frotzy. I'll contact him right away.

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