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Thread: Campaign exploits to mix things up

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    Recently played as Gondor and since I didn't want to charge Mordor immediately (boring in long run) I went for defense. I realised that if I sit on the Osgiliath bridge and siege Mordor held Eastern Osgiliath with 3 units (they had 2), but never complete the siege they could never attack there. Basically every few turns you break off siege and immediately siege again. This leaves Mordor only one point of attack, Cair Andros, and because of the river crossing they can only ever attack with one stack. Also Cair Andros's defenses are pretty good. Left me free to focus on the west (those bastard Enedwaithians dared to challenge ME?). My point is, without going for total war mod I got to mix things up and play Gondor completely differently.

    Does anyone have any ideas for similar Mix-ups with other factions?

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    Cheesing the Osgiliath bridge is an old tactic from Vanilla TATW

    The DaC map patches up a lot of map issues like block off points already; not many exploits to be found besides the basic M2TW stuff like using ballistae to steal settlements your ally currently has under siege, the military unit assassination technique, etc.

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    As Dunland I allied with Imladris. This meant that the Northern Dunedain were reluctant to attack me even as I crushed Bree.

    Note: In the next version this will not be possible since Lindon and Imlradris are merging, and Lindon is allied with Bree.
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