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Thread: [Submod] Female Generals

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    Thanks Drifter, this is so cool. I had asked Dresden about this a while back but it wasn’t a priority so I wrote it off. Really cool
    to have someone like you taking the initiative. I’m playing now with the barbarian plus Egypt version.

    I did want to flag two things for you: first, that even for other factions (I’m playing as Pontus), the female “cursos honorum” matches the general tree rather than the abbreviated female version. Secondly, sending females on diplomatic missions still increases their rank by one point each mission. It’s functioning normally for men. Now I’m not too worried about it because while it creates an easy exploit for the player, I can just abide by house rules not to use it.

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    Thanks for making this! I just kept putting it off and finally forgot

    I am going to link to this from the official submod thread.

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    Hello. How do you install this mod manually? I'm on the steam version. ^^

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    A) Put the chosed packs into the data folder (..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Rome II\data)
    B) Remember to revert to the old manager: Go to Rome 2 on STEAM/Right click/Properties/Betas/Select the beta you would like to use/launcher_release_canditate.
    C) Start Rome II
    D) In Mod Manger, check "Enable Out of Date Mods"
    E) Make sure all chosed packs are checked green. Their load order should be ok. It is given by the number of @, the more they are the more previous the mod is loaded/must be loaded
    F) Play

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