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    Hello everyone,

    This is a simple update to the Female Generals submod that is currently available through the "Official Submods" collection. It includes a fix that gives women the same traits as men upon recruitment, so that they now will be generated with the same Brawler, Commander, and Intellectual skill trackers that men are recruited with. It also ensures that all commanders follow the same Cursus Honorum path; women no longer have a unique four-stage career, but follow the same progression that any commander does. In short, it should pretty much remove any mechanical difference between the sexes.

    This mod should be placed at the top of the load order in the Mod Manager. I have only tested this mod with Carthage, Rome, Sparta, Athens, Massilia, Syracuse, and Rhodes, to about 100 turns. Please let me know if there is any unexpected behavior or if I have missed any unforeseen issues.

    DeI Female Generals.7z

    Post edited by Modding Hex at Drifter's request to add download links for the additional versions from post #19DeI Female Generals Only Barbs and Egypt.7z

    DeI Female Generals No Roman Greek Punic.7z

    DeI Female Generals Only Barbarians.7z

    I make no claim that these actually work as advertised, because I created them in five seconds and did not test them, but they should work perfectly. If they don't (i.e. you start seeing Roman women or Greek women or whatever), let me know and I'll figure out why.

    Obviously, don't run any of these at the same time, or with the full every culture can have women version. Just one at a time.
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