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Thread: Payadag i Kardakan weak?

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    Default Payadag i Kardakan weak?

    I've noticed that the Payadag i Kardakan seem to be worse than the regular Iranian spearmen in almost every way. I haven't played too deeply into eastern campaigns, but aren't they a reform unit? They lose out in numbers, attack, defense (smaller shield), and have just equal amount of armor and morale (only 4). Is there some hidden benefit to the kardakans that I'm missing?

    On a somewhat related note, the Doryphoroi kata galaton are in a better position, but still are a bit weird. I would expect them to at least have an average morale (they only have 4).

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    Default Re: Payadag i Kardakan weak?

    The Nezagdar were over-statted when their status was changed, discussed here.

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    Default Re: Payadag i Kardakan weak?

    The Kardakan still seem under-statted. Semi professional overhand have an attack of 7, and the Slavic raider/semiprofessional (Voini I think) have an attack of 5. I haven’t checked their morale recently, but I think it’s also 5. They have more armor, but not the numbers of the Voini. Doesn’t it seem a bit low to have 4 for a semiprofessional spearman even if it is underhanded? And why are the Kardakes underhand? The morale also seems a bit low for other infantry with similar stats.

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