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Thread: Sauromatae and Princesses

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    Default Sauromatae and Princesses

    So two topics in one:

    First, the new Sauromatae units need some reworking and love. I like the new traits theyve got but atm theyre one of the more unasthetic factions, due to many visual bugs and weird compositions, as well as texture quality having gone down seemingly, for example the new beards, bow cases and quivers, the Roxolani riders studded armour, lots of clipping etc. Also as a question: Will there be new horse models for them ? Maybe with some brandings on the animal and new tack, some love like the ultra detailed Scythian Nobles enjoy. Some of the bugs are outlined here:

    On to the second topic a question/request for reintroduction of princesses in some form, a limited one to marry away is enough. Reading about the period of the Diadochi marriages where an important political tool, and it would be nice to have it in the game as well. Also may help with avoiding the death of certain dynasties, with both having princesses and the old system in place if thats possible. Thoughts on that ?

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    Default Re: Sauromatae and Princesses

    I know it's probably impossible but I'd kill to marry off a princess to a dying faction as a means to inherit their lands without bloodshed (Besides a well placed assassination)

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