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Thread: Troy: Pictures & Videos Thread

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    Default Troy: Pictures & Videos Thread

    This thread is for people to post any screenshots or videos of Total War Saga: Troy. Whether they be official CA screenshots and videos, or fan pictures and videos once the game is released. In addition scans of any kind (from articles you have to buy for example) are not allowed, these is copyrighted material and falls under promoting illegal activities. Please do NOT upload scanned pictures here, nor anywhere else. Thank you.

    FYI this is how Youtube videos work on Total War Center.
    Step 1: Get the video url eg.:
    Step 2: Copy everything after v= eg.: quBNs3vYzos
    Step 3: Put [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] tags around the code, eg [YOUTUBE]mcYNhzwKz00[/YOUTUBE]

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    Default Re: Troy: Pictures & Videos Thread

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


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    Default Re: Troy: Pictures & Videos Thread

    (Hope this is where I should put this) In this video I go through the Total War Saga: Troy game play reveal trailer and look at various aspects of it. Let me know what you think in the comments. Are you excited for the game? Does this trailer get you hype? Happy weekend!

    Check out my YouTube channel below for more Total War and RTS content!

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    Default Re: Troy: Pictures & Videos Thread

    The video clips clearly are an eye opener to me. I will most probably not buy the game. That's not Bronze Age for me. The units act in perfect formations and look extremely overequipped and uniform. What is the incentive to buy a game settled in the Bronze Age if I get a mix of imperial Rome and 18th c. AD drill? I could even live with the superhero and fantasy nonsense, if the units and their behaviour would be a bit more "primitive". As it is, the conclusion sadly seems to be the same as for most of the other new TW games: much better to further play Rome II + DeI mod.

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