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Thread: Is there anything left of The Left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sar1n View Post
    Yep, because context suddenly became a problem for you, since I argued straight against the most likely line of reasoning that you were going to use. Especially since you've resorted to ad hominem, showing the lack of real arguments.
    Just to show the complete and total idiocy of Sar1n's comments.
    Notice that Sar1n has switched from:
    "can only be interpreted as"
    "most likely line of reasoning"

    Alwyn's question was nothing more than response to your question, only phrased in a manner that subtly implies your ignorance about the topic. Thus you are left with no recourse but to either attempt to cast doubt to the link between communism and USSR-in short, the old "real communism" argument-or admit the ignorance. Thus you went for a question that will lead to the argument whether communism and USSR are really I skipped ahead.
    Or, I could be asking a question to get a direct clarification on assertions made, so I can respond with out making assumptions.
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    As previously mentioned in this thread warning, the academy rules require you to make your posts as impersonal as possible and debate in good faith. Please avoid inflammatory posts.
    If such posts that violate the Academy rules continue, the thread may be locked.
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    I think I've found an inflammatory post addressing individual members of this board. It is the post #1 in this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sar1n View Post
    That "real communism was never tried" BS argument again?

    Besides the fact that the "communist utopia" is, in fact, dystopic scenario, the damage was done by the attempted transition to communism through socialism. It's inherently unstable, self-defeating process that results in rise of the oppressive, oligarchic rule and economic detioration.
    Indeed, and Lenin and his mass-murdering pals Trotsky, Dzhugashvili and others presented themselves in the same way before they gained power as the modern-day western "democratic socialists" do.

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    I think this thread is worth re-opening in light of Labour’s recent defeat in the UK. If you take away Blair and Brown, Labour has won 1 single election in 50 years. Is it time Labour abandons Socialism? It simply doesn’t work with UK voters.

    In addition, a new trend in the UK is historic Labour seats in working class areas flipping to the Conservatives. Why? Because Labour has become a progressive, Liberal and fundamentally bourgeois party which takes most of its voter base from the middle classes, not the workers it claims to represent.

    With Labour you’ve more or less got three groups. Working class C2DE voters most of whom can be described as ‘small c’ conservative, middle class liberal voters in urban and suburban areas, and students in Universities. Not apprentices or vocational students, University students. The last two groups can be held together in this coalition due to similar political and cultural values, which tend to be the ones that lead the Labour Party as they are currently.

    However, most C2DE workers and pensioners hold fundamentally different values both politically and culturally with social liberals, and given the Labour Party has drifted so astronomically far from its original voter base in terms of fundamental values such as worldview in relation to national security and the military, immigration and national identity, and as we’ve seen recently, in terms of attitudes towards sovereignty and the EU, it’s hard to see this coalition hold together in the face of such diversity.

    Finally, what is the Unions’ position if their membership don’t support Labour?
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    The early data seems to suggest that Labour's defeat can largely be explained by the leadership's toxicity and the Party's Brexit fudge. Unfortunately, the anti-capitalist, anti-western and anti-British attitudes which made Corbyn and McDonnell so unpopular won't evaporate with their departures. Many radical leftists genuinely believe in their own ideological infallibility: the problem is never that their proposals are unworkable, unrealistic or offensive, it's simply that working people don't have the capacity to appreciate the brilliance of socialism.

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