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    I'm trying to mod bmdb a little bit and I just end up messing the model of the unit I try to edit. So I have the Militia Captain unit. Sworn Armsmen? Or whatever they are. I'm changing their role in the faction a lot and to signify their more important role I've been trying to give them steelbows. Beyond that, I'd like to have them use duneidain_infantry model but still have their bows. Obviously, I could not make any of that work properly. Can someone give me some tips on how to make it work?

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    The process is a bit more involved than you may have first expected. But the good news is that when you finish this you will basically have mastered attachment swaps which is the basis of most frankenmodding.

    First thing is that you will need the joints from the steelbowmen (or really any archer). You want to open up that model and delete everything but the joints and the pertinent bow/arrow meshes. Then merge that file with your new mesh (in that order) using the Modeller's Toolbox. I would recommend prepping your new mesh beforehand by deleting any unneeded attachments such as sword and shield etc. Open up the merged file to make sure everything is assigned correctly. You might need to manually reassign some vertices. You need to re-UV the bow/arrow meshes you brought along which might involve moving some of the texture elements around. Once this 3D work is done, you're basically ready to go.

    The only things left to do are setting up the EDU data (including projectile) for the new unit, setting up the bmdb data (using the animations from the steelbowman), and if you're feeling ambitious making a new unit card and info image. If you make a completely original unit, don't forget to give it voice lines in export_descr_sounds_unit_voice and text in export_units.

    If you get hung up on anything in particular, I would recommend posting in the modding workshop forum here on TWC or asking someone with experience on Discord. We have a modding help section in the Heirs of Elendil discord and TWC has one as well.

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    I don't think I understood half of what you just said. The thing I got from there is basically that it is beyond me at the moment. Thanks for trying to explain it to me either way.

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