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Thread: Blackblade's Missile Overhaul [DaC 3.0 Submod]

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    Default Blackblade's Missile Overhaul [DaC 3.0 Submod]

    As many of you may have noticed I've been on about starting modding DaC and create a submod or two. My first project was a big one that was doomed to fail from the beginning because of my lack of knowledge. People told me to start small and that's exactly what I did. I hereby present my missile overhaul for DaC 3.0.

    This overhaul adjusts range and amount of missiles carried by every single unit in the game. If I've actually missed a unit, do let me know. All units have a range divisible by 25 based on their original range. For instance, if a unit has a range of 55, it becomes 100. The ranges are bumped up by two units of 25. Therefore, depending on the unit's original range the range is increased by 30-50. Where it comes to amount of missiles carried I have a simple conversion table how it works:

    Old -> New Ammunition Pool
    1-9 -> 10
    10-19 -> 25
    20-24 -> 50
    25-29 -> 75
    30-34 -> 100
    35-39 -> 125
    40+ -> 150

    Beside these changes I have improved the stats of the Sworn Armsmen to be on par of the stats unit has in Heirs of Elendil submod. This submod isn't meant to be neither balanced nor broken. It was just something I felt interested in making while trying my hand at publishing a small submod.
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