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Thread: Napoleon's Eagles 8.5 released

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    Default Napoleon's Eagles 8.5 released

    (Official release, version 8.5.3)

    Download link NAPOLEON'S EAGLES 8.5.3

    We are proud to announce release of version 8.5 of the Napoleon’s Eagles mode for NTW, also known as Historical Battles mod. This multiplayer mod has been part of NTW3 mod package from the very start and is now available as a stand-alone mod. The mod is compatible with the version 8.6 of NTW3 mod by the Lordz Modding Collective.
    The NE mod deals with the historical engagements of the Napoleonic Era. A number of historical scenarios had been developed with the purpose of giving players an opportunity to fight and, importantly, change the course of the battles of the Napoleonic Era. NE mod aims at achieving a good balance between historical accuracy and immersive game play, with a strong emphasis on realistic representation of Napoleonic warfare on both strategic and tactical levels.

    Main features of the mod
    • 30 historical battles, each battle available as historical scenario, what-if and/or alternative deployment scenario’s
    • Accurate representation of the battlefields based on geographical and historical data
    • Thoroughly researched OOBs represented on scale
    • Historic representation of the armies of the Era, with their strengths and weaknesses
    • Objective-driven combat (VPs and LOC) and delayed reinforcements feature
    • Comprehensive set of rules for improved realism and gameplay
    • Fog of war (FOW)

    Installation instructions:
    (0) Ensure that you have a clean original NTW install and remove Napoleon's Eagles 8.1 if present by running the uninstaller (can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Napoleon Total War)
    (1) Extract and then launch the installer of NE 8.5.3
    (2) Direct installer to the Napoleon Total War folder (normally, located on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Napoleon Total War, but it will differ if your steam folder is located on a different drive)
    (3) Wait until all files are extracted and installed (it is recommended not to switch to other programs during the installation)
    A shortcut to NE launcher will be created on your desktop automatically. Enjoy!

    Release notes and log file

    Battle of Ligny

    The Emperor's last victory of Ligny represented in two different scales at battalion size, with a reduced battlefield focused on the main fightings at Ligny and Saint Amand/Wagnelée and the full battle at regimental size with the wings of Grouchy and prussian III Korps involved, perfect choice for a monster 3vs3 scenario. The usual attention has been employed reaserching and developing the detailed map with real topographical data and historical recreation of villages layout.
    Detailed order of battles for both scenario with 220+ units present in game with historical uniforms and facings.

    General Changes and fixes

    1) Fine tuning of stats to get a more dynamic impact of morale on fighting

    Battle scenario changes

    Saalfeld: Added two 3lber regimental batteries for Prussians, increased Prussian battalion strength
    Marengo: Austrian artillery now deployed on the west bank of river to avoid loss of cannons while crossing bridges

    As a final remark, with this extensively reworked and expanded version of NE mod we will be trying to re-launch HB gaming. Additional information in form of F.A.Q. and (video) tutorials will follow shortly. That information will be meant to help players who has limited or now experience with NTW or TW games in general, but have interest in the Napoleonic Warfare. So, stay tuned!
    For any question please write on this forum or contact Desaix or Stilgar on steam.
    Next battles coming Winter 2019: THE BATTLE OF TEUGN-HAUSEN AND THE BATTLE OF RAAB
    Vive l'Empereur!
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    Default Re: Napoleon's Eagles 8.5 released

    For more info check out the NTW3 Historical Battle guide on this TWC thread:

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