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Thread: Hows the battle experience with the AI?

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    Default Hows the battle experience with the AI?

    As someone who hasnt played this game or mod in literal years, and who is coming from Rome II, I wonder if people could post their battle experiences here and tell if the game feels challenging enough? how does fighting the AI feel? Do players have a reasonable chance at losing battles? Or are people simply playing for the cinematic feel of a battle because the AI is really braindead? I'd thank someone who plays/played rome II to give me their generl feel of how this mod compares to that game in terms of AI and battle challenges.

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    I play with MadDoc's formations - only the formations and campaign map strategic changes, not the battle system, though that's probably good too. Works well with standard infantry based armies, AI can put up a good fight when not outnumbered. I found the base EB2 battle AI underwhelming.

    This is with reference to hard battle difficulty. Morale is fairly low across the board, I think the AI really needs the bonuses or they rout too easily against generally stacked bonuses of the player. In general I would prefer less influence from generals and modifiers and more influence from troop quality.
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    Default Re: Hows the battle experience with the AI?

    One thing to note - you don't get z3n's BAI unless you're playing a battle from the campaign map. Custom Battles do not use our custom AI (which is part of the campaign_script).

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    For those who want to play a historical mod in a medieval setting:
    try either the Titanium, the Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project + minimods,
    or the Broken Crescent + Buff and Shine submod.
    Reviews of the mods: SSHIP (2018), Wrath of the Norsemen (2018), Broken Crescent (2018).
    Thrones of Britannia: review, opinion on the battles, ideas for modding.
    Minimods for the SSHIP: Generals Traits, Provincial Titles, Crowns.
    Short guides for the SSHIP: population growth, forts and watchtowers.
    Pros and cons of having Merchants in an M2TW mod.
    Home rules for playing a game without exploiting the M2TW engine deficiencies.
    Dominant strategy in Attila TW and Rome 2 TW: “Sniping groups of armies”.

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    Default Re: Hows the battle experience with the AI?

    While one would be right to accuse many mods of having crappy AI armies that are easy to defeat, EBII is not one of them. I always feel the AI trying to fight me desperately to win, even on regular old hard mode. The only thing I would criticize is that the AI doesn't seem to take the defense of city squares seriously enough when I have a larger besieging army that can outmaneuver forces that the AI bunches up and puts along the walls. That's especially the case when I bring artillery and knock down a section of the walls with Lithoboloi, charging half my army in while they are busy goofing around elsewhere and taking my ladders way more seriously.

    Actually, on second thought, don't change any of that, I like outsmarting and besting the AI when it comes to that.

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