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    Icon4 Imperator Augustus All Factions Mod

    Wow! Really a dream came true!

    I released my Hannibal at the Gates All Factions Mod in May 2019 and then just quit the for a while.

    Hannibal at the Gates All Factions Mod Thread:

    Hannibal at the Gates All Factions Mod Download:

    My "test"games of the Libyans and the Gaetuli in October 2019 were just GREAT. Especially to play the Gaetuli was just awesome. The Desert Kingdoms units implemented, every faction complete and fully working. Then I released my Bribe Master Mod 11. of October 2019, perhaps just irritating the most guys. And then I just created the folder "AUG MOD" 12. of October 2019, I just thought to slightly begin to create that, step by step.

    I took the iapf.pack by Ermanarich, where he already unlocked all factions for Imperator Augustus, cause why to just do the same work AGAIN, unlocking in startpos, creating factions and party tables, while it just exists already, sorry! Today, just one week later, I am done already, now to check all 75 factions and tweak slightly the rest of it, and thats it!

    I already played with the Nasamones once, the Ermanarich iapf.pack, and it was great to beat Ptolemaic Egypt, Antony, Parthians, with Desert Chariots! But to implement the Desert Kingdoms units, to complete all factions, better armed citizenry, more General units, all of that stuff, to get a fully working Imperator Augustus All Factions Mod, my AUG MOD, was just a dream for me, now, existing.


    I cannot understand really, when Creative Assembly makes Hannibal at the Gates, just an awesome DLC, and just unlocks 5 of 35 factions to play, or makes Imperator Augustus, and just unlocks 10 of 75 factions to play, while ALL THE WORK for completely functional 35 or 75 factions is DONE ALREADY by these dudes! That is INSANE, that ALL IS DONE, and then just to decide to lock them. And not just, that you think, for further money making, just, locked, END.


    Thats like, a dude donates you ten Ferraris, and says: ONE to actually ride, the others just to watch at, without the keys. - And when do I get the keys??? - Which keys???

    Or, to release the Desert Kingdoms, and WOOOOW, four new playable factions!!!!!!! For the Grand Campaign, plus super new units, for the Grand Campaign. And are these factions now unlocked Hannibal, or Augustus? No. And are these super new units now too, for Hannibal, or Augustus? No. I really dont get these points. Is it just lazy, or completely insane?


    I am just an amateur modder compared to these DEI dudes for example, but I needed ONE WEEK 12. to 18. of October, to unlock and complete and implement EVERYTHING for my AUG MOD. And yes, I had the iapf.pack and my own HATG MOD to just export and import much stuff, but to unlock a raw all factions is not really work at all. That all is a little tricky sometimes, but the mighty god of copy and paste and replace all, helps.

    One problem occured. In Augustus DLC, just all African, Aethiopian, Arabian factions were "African", but I had to do the Desert Kingdoms dk_num for the African/Numidians, dk_kush for the Aethiopians, dk_saba for the Arabians, and dk_nab for the Nabateans, so I had to split these into four different Military Groups, and I encountered, that no one down there had the emblem above the banner appearing in game. I first thought, that would have been my fault of my Military Group split to implement different Desert Kingdoms units to these four different Military Groups, BUT: In Ermanarichs factions table, the Subculture and the Skin, not fitting to each other, caused the glitch of non appearance. Just as an information here.

    I am currently tweaking, so that every faction is smooth and complete, has 8 til 12 General units, has implemented all Desert Kingdoms units, linked to buildings to build them, linked to different Military Groups, and all buildings better defense guys.

    Even IF there would be a military building without unlocking further new troops, it should at least provide more defense guys while eating more food! I just like my armed citizenry! You always get some nice troopers for your money, nice, but not too nice!

    Tweaking now!

    EDIT 19.10.2019:

    Wow, I am impressed. The armed citizenry stuff I export imported from HATG to AUG did the job quite lovely already. I really like that, when I check and check, and there is quite near nothing to squeeze out to perfection anymore. Basically, I did the job, and now I have my HATG Mod and my AUG Mod to play Hannibal and Augustus quite lovely! Nice!

    I will upload the next few days my up to date versions of HATG and AUG. My three favorite Total War Rome 2 DLCs are Hannibal, Augustus, and Empire Divided. So perhaps I will do the EMP Mod too, perhaps. But for now, next few days > HATG and AUG!

    EDIT 20.10.2019:

    Wow, always funny. I first once found Ermanarichs iapf.pack an all factions playable for Augustus. Now that I improved HATG and AUG to really great - I found another all factions playable for Augustus by Nordo or Nor Dogroth, quite a lovely little shock! - But I already know that my own tweaks are groundbreaking. It is good to see great Modders and good to see that all of these guys out there will be able to play all factions, cause that is just major important to me. I remember myself just desperately searching for all factions playable mods!

    Satisfying, sorry, that Nordos mod has the same emblems above banners missing like Ermanarichs mod! All Africans/Arabians! Nordo did unique tribe colours for his faction parties where I am just too lazy, I would screenshot every of the 75... no! I would extract all faction icons, pipette their main and second colors, and write their color specs into the tables, but I am just to ***** lazy for that.

    ALL of my factions have as main color GOLD, and as opposition color RED, that works. It is never wrong to give a proud arrogant king GOLD as main color!

    I thought while encountering Nordos mod, should I regret my work done? But no. It was huge fun, satisfying, plus, actually not really "work", plus, really groundbreaking tweaks!

    But a nice little shocking encounter, that was fun!
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    Default One month of playing and modding


    Ok! I am really done with Total War Rome 2 for a while!

    Played Imperator Augustus for 230 turns with Meroe and conquered up to Imperium Level VII, perhaps I will do the VIII to see what happens, but it might fit anyway.

    I, instead of many others, really like these family trees! The problem is, they dont exist in the newest RotR startpos for the non-playable factions anymore, so, I took the iapf.pack by Ermanarich, not up to RotR date, and just did ALL OTHER STUFF, except, his startpos, this is the older startpos with family trees for ALL factions still.


    Man, that is a rough game! I always had the problem with the vanilla game, that when your empire rises to another Imperium Level, nothing bad happens. The "malus" for expansionism is a joke, where these idiots realize that you are a threat, when it is far too late, I mean, on Imperium Level IV there is no threat anymore for me, the rest is just playin. My malus for expansionism IS a MALUS, you could handle it, thanks to Empire Divided and its diplomacy skills. My levels level up not just corruption, but Civil Disorder too. Why shouldnt Civil Disorder rise?

    You REALLY should THINK and prepare your realm before you step up to another Imperium Level! You need food and temples, temples and food, you need to break down too many barracks. You need to THINK, IF you let a Full Stack in town - there are 2 reasons to do that: To heal them faster. To suppress the town better. An army becomes much more expensive for fast march and for being in town, they do more drinking, eating and the other thing in brothels.

    Put a Full Stack soon as possible out of town! Take one general to suppress towns until you can even disband that one, and dont take expensive troops for him, take cheap ones. You can choose easily. Since you can actually bribe enemy generals, you could have plenty of different types, plus, you have 8 til 12 different general units, cavalry, infantry, cheap, expensive. It is important to use the number of edicts and different armies and general units to bring your realm under control. You NEED to take advantage of your politic system to strengthen or weaken your opposition. You NEED to prepare your realm with enough food and temples. You NEED to handle your Full Stacks and one general stacks to suppress. And if you dont use your Full Stacks to suppress, to heal, to fight > you HAVE TO raid! Dont waste money! Use your Full Stacks ALL THE TIME!

    My stances make fast march and in town much more expensive, and raiding much nicer/worse, so, you ALWAYS should handle your troops! That is really fun.


    On Imperium Level VIII units cost 300 % MORE! Your realm gets 300 % malus for expansionism. Your realm gets - 30 Civil Disorder. Your realm gets 30 % corruption. That is REALLY HARD, you have to struggle on every new Imperium Level to gain control again, and you HAVE TO disband useless barracks and troops! That is FUN! You have to take advantage and to take control every new Level now, it is to handle, but it is hard.

    When I was overstretched to Level VII, I had Rome and Persepolis in constant rebellion and I thought, that EVERY TURN rebellion > not to play anymore while you have 250 % malus for foreign culture on Level VII! I had Full Stacks IN TOWN and still every turn rebellion! (So I put them out of town again to not burn money senseless). BUT. Build freakin temples. You HAVE TO control provinces by own culture and civil order, Full Stacks, general units, until they are done, you have to earn to swallow new provinces, that is no easy going!

    But I assure you! It is possible, I played that thing up and it went good, hard, balanced, more realistic, and really well.

    Plus, the Mercenary troops are much more fun! While troops constantly grow more expensive from Level I to VIII, 10, 20, 30, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, while your realm is growing, your expenses grow too, and the struggle of the empire, all is growing > the Mercenary troops dont grow that much, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, until on Level V you reach them ALMOST in maintenance, then, 50, 100, 150, so that Mercenary units grow more and more interesting, and on that level you will handle them for the rest of the game! While your own troopers grow REALLY nasty expensive, you could actually implement more and more mercenaries into your armies, plus, to suppress towns or hold the lines somewhere, could actually do a kind of a cheap mercenary army. You could teach your general to a commander up to - 30 % mercenary maintenance costs.

    Mercenaries, are now a worthy option, still expensive, but - coming into range! That was SUPER AWESOME FUN!!!!!! You know, I really get, that mercenaries should be a kind of expensive, BUT, if they are THAT expensive, you just never use them. Rome for example, on a high Imperium Level, used mercenaries really MUCH, for example celtic cavalry, and why? Why not just own equites? Why celtics or germanics? Or for Scipio Africanus, numidian cavalry? Cause they were good! Expensive, but good. In vanilla, they are just hilarious expensive and good, so, you dont actually use them at all - and that is wrong.

    I really get, that mercenaries should be a kind of expensive, but also, that they SHOULD BE USED at a time where the empire grows that expensive, the own troops, that mercenaries become a worthy alternative. They stay expensive, but they become alternatives in a growing empire, and that works just fine!


    My Hannibal and my Augustus All Factions Playable Mods include Desert Kingdoms units and temples now, cause you just NEED to get the foreign culture down or you wont handle the disorder. And both include the older startpos to get family trees for all factions. Plus, you can get both DLC mods with advanced boosts for favorite enemies > great fun!

    The both super short READMEs are in the folders.

    Have fun!

    Imperator Augustus All Factions Mod Download:

    Bribe Master Mod and Vid Skipper Mod:


    If problems should appear - I am a pedantic perfectionist but these tables are wide and ugly! Just type in here and perhaps I will read it! Have fun!
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