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Thread: Imperator Augustus All Factions Mod

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    Icon4 Imperator Augustus All Factions Mod

    September 2023: The AUG MOD 2.0 released.
    Finally all 75 factions playable WELL, including SPAWNS.

    This beautiful Parthian 30stack sacked Jerusalem two turns later after 1turn siege!
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    Default SPAWNS for v2.0

    This little Roman 30stack conquered down from Carthage to Paraitonion, for Augustus!
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    Default DOWNLOAD HERE:

    One still great game, Total War Rome 2, and its most magnificent DLC Imperator Augustus, is, and always will be, a great game to play - especially if you play this All Factions Mod with all factions playable and really fun. I took the iapf.pack by Ermanarich which unlocked all 75 factions as a basic service, and pimped it further into a "Vanilla Gold Standard" full overhaul.

    My v1.0 of 2019 tried to implement the Desert Kingdoms. My v2.0 finally did it. I overhauled for all 75 factions all garrisons and all available units to "tier them to the buildings", so that ALL 75 factions are well playable finally with GREAT rosters. PLUS, I implemented SPAWNS, as you could witness above. You get the MainMod, the Augustus.pack, to play that v2.0 quite beautiful.

    You get another 24 MiniMods, optional MiniMods, which boost chosen factions, and trigger their spawns. That means, you can play that Augustus.pack already, as a potent v2.0 of the DLC itself. If you choose to wish to bolster, to boost, chosen factions, you simply load one/all, X amount of these MiniMods, and you get harder factions, boosted, spawned, for a great experience.

    That means, that 22 factions get 8 spawn armies til turn 200, each, Parthia, or Augustus, get 16 spawn armies til turn 400, to cheat into the game, bolstered, boosted, spawned, triggered foe factions to kick your axe. You could load them all, but, load your chosen foes, one, or two, or a chosen few, so that you can play versus hardened realms and huge armies - GREAT FUN!

    ALL AI is stupid and ALL AI cheats, mostly stupid stuff. You know, Rome 2 cannot AI handle huge realms, just stands around, or, just sacks and sails away, builds up low tier BS armies and doesnt really know how to aggressively expand and basically LOSES GROUND as huge realms. So, to get REAL Roman or Parthian Empires versus you, REAL stacks versus you, KICKS HARD!

    I personally think, this version of the DLC Imperator Augustus is finally the version we all always wanted to play! A hardened, hopefully perfected, all 75 factions WELL playable, stable, cruel, aggressive axe of a game, with the option to kick you hard as possible, Warhammer style, with optional spawn armies of 20 til 40stack (!) really great AI armies/empires versus you!

    Have fun!

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