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Thread: Battle Dread and the Winning First Trait

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    Default Battle Dread and the Winning First Trait

    Battle dread keeps making my Generals aquire the "Winning FIrst" trait. After redoing a battle about 5 times, I would always get the trait.
    Untill I tried something different. I used only infantry with my General, and I finally got the "Fair Fighter" trait I was hoping to get.

    What's weird is that I did everything you WOULD do to get Battle Dread. I had an equal Army Strength Ratio, but I had almost 200 more troops, I had a Clear Victory, and killed over 75% of the enemy, and my General killed nearly all of them (~200) including their General. I've attached some screenshots for you to see for yourself.

    Retried the battle again, same type of victory but now I get Winning First . What am I doing wrong? I've read countless threads on the subject and looked into the trait mechanics but I still find it nearly impossible to get BattleChivalry. Battle odds don't seem to matter, General kill counts don't matter. The Fair Fighter trait requirements are also something crazy like win the battle with less than 20% of the enemy killed, odds in their favor, and you have a 30% chance to get it
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    Default Re: Battle Dread and the Winning First Trait

    Fair Fighter strikes me as a bit too strong in its requirements, while Winning First is quite liberal about its applications. It's something I'd personally change up if I was designing traits and the like. It does strike me as inconsistent in application regardless, though; it would be interesting to see some views on it.

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    Default Re: Battle Dread and the Winning First Trait

    In the back of my mind I have the notion that killing fleeing enemies works towards dread.

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