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Thread: Elven units for Imladris

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    Default Elven units for Imladris

    So I was like, Imladris is like the forefront of the Elven society, with Lindon being the ticket out and Caras Galadhon/Thranduil's Halls being the more isolationists of the Elven society.

    Hence I figured, that can change right

    I've done the following:

    Trainable from Elrond's house
    * Noldorin Guard - Post barracks event - stats improved + increased men (83) + higher cost
    * Imladris Guard - Pbev - stats improved + higher cost
    * Imladris Rangers - Pbe - stats improved + Changed from horse archers to shock cavalry
    * Mithlond Noble Swords - Pbe
    * Berio I Ngelaidh - Pbe
    * Kingsguard (Thranduil's bodyguard) - Pbe

    Trainable from Gwaith-i-Mirdain
    * Eregion's Smith - 80% Elven culture
    * Noldorin Guard - 95% Elven culture (was 100% but that was unattainable even after owning it for 100 turns)
    * Mithlond Sword - 80% Elven Culture
    * Berio I Ngelaidh - 95% Elven culture
    * Kingsguard (Thranduil's bodyguard) - 95% Elven culture

    Trainable from Galadhriels Mirror (for Lorien and Imladris)
    * Berio I Ngelaidh - Pbe
    * Yavanna's Chosen - Pbe and 50% Elven culture
    * Sentinels of Cerin Amroth - Pbe and 50% Elven culture
    * Lorien Wardens - 20% Elven culture

    Trainable from Thranduils Halls (for Thranduil and Imladris)
    * Kingsguard - Pbe
    * Maethyr i-Thewair - Pbe and 50% Elven culture
    * Elder Guard - Pbe and 50% Elven culture
    * Silvan Spearmen - 20% Elven culture

    Trainable from Vintner Court (for Imladris)
    * Moriquendi Archers - Pbe and 75% Elven culture
    * Moriquendi Pikemen - Pbe and 75% Elven culture
    * Avari Shadows - 45% Elven culture

    The reason the Avari/Moriquendi demand more is because they are most distant to their Noldorin kin and would require a lot more, persuading to join their ranks.

    Is this balanced? I wouldn't think so. I just did this to add more flavour to my Imladris campaigns. How to enjoy it yourself?

    Unpack the file
    Make a back-up of the following files; Export_descr_unit, Export_descr_building, battle_models.modeldb
    Copy and paste the files into your medieval2/mods/Third_Age_3/data folder.

    Use at your own risk; I'm not responsible for any user-made errors while copying files into your existing DaC mod folder.
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