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    Hello everyone! I'd like to say I really enjoy playing DaC mod, it's performance, economical balance and stability, however I can't help but think that Reforged units/models are way better, for most factions (except Lindon, lol). I tried to adopt them to DaC with little success. Does anybody have a stable version of replaced units/models from Reforged? I'd be eternally grateful if someone shared it. Salutations!

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    There are a few submods around here that have ported in Reforged units. My own mod, Heirs of Elendil, ports quite a few, it sometimes feels like 'DAC but with Reforged units' to be honest. If you look around, you will find some threads here on TWC about porting units between mods.

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    Thank you. I'll look into it. Have a nice day.

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