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Thread: Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

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    Default Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

    Netflix continues it's gradual take over of History channels largly forgotten purpose with a new show that's pretty dam good.

    A docudrama centred around the conquest of Constantinople. Narated by Tywinn Lanister and with a cast of people actually from the part of the world they're depicting. Some of the battle scenes are surpisingly epic and though some footage gets repeat usage it's not too distracting. The details of the plots and tactics is done well and at times I forgot I was watching a docudrama.

    Wonder if they make a season 2 on Mehmed II or move to another emipre.

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    Default Re: Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

    The opening sequence is as if Legolas was in 300, I enjoyed the first 3 episodes, but thought that they dragged their feet on the last 2. The cinematography is really good but it's a little over dramatized at some points for my taste. Good show indeed.

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    Default Re: Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

    Wasn't as cringy as I expected, pretty watchable. I know the budget was not high enough to expect properly done battles and extra costumes, but they could have at least given some shields to the damn janissaries. Despite having Mehmed at its center, its fairly Byzantine/Italian sided and occassionally goes full hollywood about it.
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    Default Re: Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

    Looks cool. Will watch tonight.

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    Default Re: Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

    Gave it a go but turned it off when I saw the now must have "ninja fighting" battle scenes. Very cringy and tiresome. But maybe I should give it another try...

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    Default Re: Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

    I watched it and it was very entertaining to see the politics and intrigue.
    Don't know anything about historical accuracy but Byzantium had a lot of traitors and inner fighting which I suppose was true.

    Also was the prophecy true that the first and last emperor will be "Constantine" with mother named Helena?

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    Default Re: Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

    Loved the visuals. They depicted Constantinople very nicely. One part that felt lacking was that there was no visuals for the wall assaults. The assaults were depicted as if all the fighting happened in front of the walls ā la Troy movie style. Most of the actors were Turkish, save the Constantine. Their pronunciation wasn't as bad as I expected. There could be a little more detail in the story. The guy who played the Ottoman sultan certainly did a good job though.

    I don't really expect much accuracy from history shows, though I understand why people expect it from a documentary series. One of the Turkish scholars, Celal Şengör, while an immensely valuable scholar, is not a historian. He is a geologist. I guess they had him instead of İlber Ortaylı who would be the person to interview for anything related to Constantinople.
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