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    Icon5 Bribe Master Mod


    Hey floks! Here is really something fun to read!!!


    I shamefulliest admit, that I wrote a cheat.pack.

    The pack is called a_bribe_master.pack.

    Since I can drill my dignitaries to actually bribe Generals it is just AWESOME!!! In my HATG MOD, an all factions playable mod for "Hannibal at the Gates", every faction has 8 til 12 general units for free choose, thats GREAT!!!

    So, every faction has different races, faces, and general units, and I am really greedy to get exotic style into my armies, women, different types of africans, celts, romans, all of that. I like the Celtiberian Noble Cav, or for example Armoured Desert Chariots, War Elephants, Praetorian Guard. I played with the Gaetulians my latest testgame, til today, and that was just awesome great lol. And it is NOT the case, that these dudes would actually NEED more/better general units, they have 12, African Elephant, War Elephant, Numidian Noble Cav, Armoured Desert Chariot, many more, they dont NEED more/better general units! But I just want to.

    The problem is, that most of the time you just fail to bribe. To actually KILL a general is a kind of unworthy, but to bribe some cool faces and skill trees is just fun. Different generals and agents of different nations have different skill trees. I just wanted desperately to get that armoured celtiberian brute face woman warrior!

    In my Gaetulian HATG Mod game, I had North Africa, Carthage as my satrapy, and the Garamantes conquered whole Libyans. I raided the Garamantes to war, to change towns, the Carthaginians should conquer the sacked and burning and wide open Hadrumentum to get a full province, Carthago, Hadrumentum, Capsa, and should lose Turris Tamalleni to the Garamantes, which would own whole Libya then.

    And I should conquer whole Libya then. So I took Tacapae and I found the famous General of the Garamantes, a 9 star black General, who once conquered the whole thing with a desperate spear army and hold now Turris, all like planned. He wouldnt be able anymore to threaten the Carthaginian Capsa, but I wouldnt let him anyway. I just wanted that fine General for my North African main army.

    But you can just FORGET a 60 % bribe chance! That guy was about to die! He had absolutely NO CHANCE versus my army, with a Celtiberian Noble Cav General and hordes of African Archers, a nice Gaetulian full stack.

    I want to get my General if I want to get my General! Simply.

    And if I want a Celtiberian druid dignitary instead of buying my own african dignitary one > I want him! You know. On Imperium Level V my HATG Mod gets a little frustrating with agent action cost and agent cost, to bribe one > 2000, to buy one > 4000, but that is not the point at all! In that stage of game you would actually get by my mod, up to three stars new agents so that is worth the money, BUT: I just want some more exotic guys. Celtiberian Warlords or Druids. Or Roman guys, whatever. The point is NOT the money. The point is, I dont want to reload ever again to still never get the guy.

    These guys have anyway just the chance to accept or die! Some turns later they would be GONE anyway! That is a total waste of game style in my opinion. And now, I just get all generals and agents I want. That is not, that my Gaetulians would actually need any! These days you can bribe generals, even without bribe master, you can use one of your own party guys to catch them to your own party easily, so the Gaetulians would have ENOUGH own generals and ENOUGH great general units! Just sometimes, it just is a shame that great enemy generals are just about to die.

    Hannibal at the Gates All Factions Mod Thread:

    Hannibal at the Gates All Factions Mod Download:

    I plan to just do some Mini Mods to improve my games quality, not cheating in that way > just to improve some stuff. Neither me, a fanatic Total War Rome 2 player, nor my Gaetulians, would have needed these generals! I could have spared the much money and just slaughtered them. Just NOW, these folks have a (war) life AFTER the fall of their motherlands! Would have been a shame to lose them in my game!

    Spoiler for EDIT
    Usually King/Rex/Consul Perpetuo, that stuff, Rebel Generals, in general were not to bribe, for example Hannibal himself. I tried a Rebel General and thought: NO, still in his army! Then I recognized that he is still in his army but also in my leader units, so I thought, BUG, doubled. Then I recognized I just got the whole Rebel Army! And no crash, wow! The option to get a whole exotic army together, wow! The Bribe Master bribes ANY King/Rex/Consul Perpetuo/Rebel General+Rebel Army, wow!

    I saw one older mod by a guy deleting the most agent actions for example Assassinations, that is no up to date mod he just made any action a failure, but still an option to choose and fail and waste money. Possible in newest version to actually hide any action. Some actions I de-hided again like persuation for spy and champion, some actions I perhaps should hide like General Assassinations. I always wanted the option to actually bribe common soldiers into my army, but they just disappear or run or die, whatever. At least now I could get some common soldiers with that Rebel Army - they would have been dead anyway!

    Carthage conquered Croton, my full stack just "assists" to humiliate the Romans. Two 12 stack fleets bleed these Romans out, and my full stack just assists the Carthaginians to march on, so, there would have been NO WAY, that that 4 stack Rebel Army would have survived nothing. To get them is just a super fun to spice up the experience.

    Download the Mini Mod.rar, unpack, put it into your games data folder, then use the batches, load the game checking the bribe master, load the game save, do the job, quit all, delete the bribe master, load again.

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    Default Vid Skipper Mod

    Wow! That Mod made me the best Total War Rome 2 Modder of all times!

    That was quite a stunning journey! The Mod "Skip Intro" by Minos is a Mod to skip the intro:

    O! I now (after my creation!) found the Mod "Ad video Skipper" by BullGod to skip the intro:

    These both mini mods are super small and just skip the three main game intro videos, I called my Vid Skipper Mod BEFORE I found the BullGod one. But these two just skip the three main game intro videos, I just updated the whole table and deleted just ALL intro videos, these of the DLCs too. So, it is quite something new.


    My PC is not the fastest, it is no high end super awesome super PC, it is a small gamer and I just dont need more. So, when I start Total War Rome 2, I just hope that no mod will crash the screen, then I have to skip these intros coming, or, I hear these intros coming while I do other stuff, and that, as a Modder, is annoying highly.

    Then the next problem is, that in unlocked faction mods, you ALWAYS get these f~~~~~ing intro videos, new campaign, loading, winning a battle, that is super annoying, so I heard about a "Skip Intro" Mod and searched for it. I thought it would be a small lua.script, I saw that already somewhere in a huge script, "intro just once" or whatever - what I got was just one table! I was highly irritated! What did that guy?????? Did he switch some numbers from 1 to 0 to turn them off??? No. He did nothing. That was just the same freakin table like in original game data 2 the db videos table! Just the inv_ stuff was missing for RotR, updated the last time late 2018.

    No small lua.script. And just a weired simple freakin table and nothing changed??? HOW???

    Then enlightenment hit me. He didnt rename that table, so if he just misses some entries, that table would override the original table and these entries would just go lost, and IF I would just extract the newest table including RotR and not just miss the first three game intros but ALL intros too???

    Just ALL intros are missing now, by a table of some kb. You will NEVER have to skip these annoying intros EVER AGAIN, cause now, they are just missing. Your game or save game or new campaign just starts now, and you have to skip NOTHING AT ALL. Et voila!

    >>> Download > Unpack > Put into data 2 folder > double clic the batch which automatically copies and pastes > check it in Mod Manager or Steam > DONE

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    Default Spawn Forcer Mod

    When I played RotR the third time - first time Tarchuna, good game, second time Rome, too much Secession, a quick end, now, Syracuse, boring but nice. I found out, that Spawns happen. Thought, IF that DLC spawns the Sikelians for example in Sicily, what IF I could find that Lua Script and just copy it for my own needs???

    Thought that might be Lua Scripts but didnt find any entry, then the user Jake Armitage said via PM, "They probably spawn through cdir tables, try to check "cdir_events_incident_payloads_tables" with "SPAWN_FORCE" under payload key" - and yes, that trick did the trick. If YOU want to spawn armies in your mod or whatever, you need the following stuff:



    RotR didnt have a Coordinate Tracker anymore so I had to trial et error for coordinates, the other DLCs would have a Coordinate Tracker Mod to find the exact coordinates quickly.

    Now, with these simply tables you could do a 10 kb pack to spawn the hell out of that game!

    Up to 42 units per stack, has some flaws, but still, really easy/great spawning is possible now.

    My Mods 2.0 will include Spawn_Force already, but my Mods dont need any other stuff anyway.
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    Default Re: Spawn Forcer Mod

    Hi Tehulotl, I found your Bribe Master mod and it sounds like that it is perfect for what I was looking for. However, I cannot seem to get it to work in-game. I'm not sure if maybe I have done something incorrectly in the install process, but it look like it is in my "data" folder with other mods correctly. I followed your directions at the bottom of your psot for mini-mod but still no luck. DO you know if this mod is still functional or if there is something else I need to try? Thanks in advance

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