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    Icon4 Oppida view settlement mod

    Hello. I'm new to the forums. I'm also new to modding. I have been trying in vain to incorporate Alpaca's Oppida view settlement mod into SS 6.4 with Meloo's bug fixes 1.47. I simply do not have the time nor expertize to do so however. IF I could somehow get it to work, and combined with the next heir ancillary and battle immersion mods, I would have the perfect gaming experience.

    I know for certain that it works for vanilla, and it will also work with the battle immersion mod. but it is extremely frustrating to see it working for vanilla yet not be able to get it to work with the SS mod.

    I would very much appreciate anyone with modding experience taking a look and seeing what they can do. IF you are not yet convinced that this endeavor is worthwhile, just imagine being able to control your general whilst marching through your settlements and examining them as they grow and develop from that perspective, being able to pop into any of your settlements at your leisure for a parade of your most experienced soldiers.

    it's soooper immersive my dudes.

    Please and thank you,

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    According to the Oppida post, it can be incorporated into any mod. it will require modification of the Oppida campaign script to include each of the settlement names and corresponding coordinates for the map in SS, a daunting task i will admit. You'll also need to modify the trait and ancillary triggers so as not to acquire them after the "view settlement" battles. The script WILL work. it works just fine for vanilla. The difficulty I have been experiencing, however, is the sheer number of settlement names and coordinates that need to be scripted in order for the "view Settlement" battles to work for every location. That and I suck at modding lol.

    IF anyone has the time to modify the campaign script with the appropriate coordinates and settlement names, please be a pal and share that here.
    Again, the script WILL work. Try the Oppida mod for yourself. if you want a really immersive experience, throw in the battle immersion mod for good measure.

    now tell me that would not be an amazing addition to SS 6.4 lol

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