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Thread: Another white identitarian mass murder broadcast on the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heathen Hammer View Post
    He provided an extensive list of sources. Also source that he is alt-right? Clearly since you expressed lack of factual knowledge on the issue, a sourced video is a good place to start for you.

    I expressed no such thing. It really seems that reading comprehension isn't really your thing. I guess that's why you seem to think the way you do.

    Let's use a little common sense here. If the best source you can come up with support your argument is "Random Youtuber #3244313", that's not a great start. While you are correct in the he does list sources, none are without bias or considered trustworthy.

    But you are welcome to try again and source an actual historian rather than 'Shouty McFarRight'. In the meantime, here's an independent article from a neutral, trustworthy source that completely contradicts your silly argument.

    P.S. It's got actual sources from actual historians and everything!
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