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Thread: 1.3.0 Beta Update

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    Default 1.3.0 Beta Update

    If you're playing the 1.3 beta how are you finding it?

    I'm not noticing a lot of difference, but it has solved one of my self-inflicted problems. In campaign I tend to get all my available Strategists killed off in battle, by getting over-enthusiastic about trying to use them as Cavalry.

    So now at least with Commanders being able to recruit crossbows and use the loose formation I've got some more substitutes for later in the campaign...

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    It's certainly better. The Commander rework was much needed from an army composition standpoint, and the new unique characters help a lot as well.

    However, they don't address the lack of tactical diversity and narrow empire progression that plagues the game from playthrough to playthrough. There needs to be a comprehensive balance overhaul to actually make the battle meta more interesting, and there needs to be changes to make the late game less of a generic filled redux.

    I've found that this mod at least helps with the generic problem:
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    I heard there's only going to be one more DLC for the year. CA dropped 3K fast.

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    It's essentially the same DLC rate as Warhammer, which I don't think anyone considers "dropped."
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    Well Wh1/R2 older release pace was more higher but then again people were complaining about too much DLCs too often that they would like slower pace. Now we have slower pace and people are talking again. Another point where 3K is "losing" to WH(s) is simply that WH(s) now have way more content while 3K just started so it feels little empty. But it probably needs just time.
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    I would gladly take longer waits for higher quality DLC than the lightining fast pace of WH1 and R2. WH2 has had some of the best DLC for a TW game while most past TW games only had 1 or 2 really good DLCs while Warhammer 2(and one to be honest) have had some great DLCs(though Warhammer 1 had some lower quality dlc like Beastmen and Grim and the Grave).

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