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    In order to fix the first of these issues:,
    I'm trying to make units get never shattered but still be able to get broken and routed. Changing any of these parameters: maximal allowed number of routes before getting shattered, casualties thresholds during the first and second routs to get shattered, broken state lower morale threshold (I forgot what are their names in db-tables but it's not what I'm asking for) doesn't work for me so I need your help.

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    The following are the strings in _kv_morale_tables correspondent to the mentioned above:
    maximal allowed number of routes before getting shattered – shatter_after_rout_count,
    casualties thresholds during the first and second routs before getting shattered – shatter_after_first_rout_if_casulties_higher_than and shatter_after_second_rout_if_casulties_higher_than
    (with the mistake in word casualties made by CA),
    broken state lower morale threshold – ums_broken_threshold_lower.

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    As I said before, changing none of these parameters works for me, units always get shattered after the same amount of damage.

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    I would think these are still hard coded as in other games.
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    This happened sometimes in Medieval 2 too. What I do to deal with it is simply order the following unit to run to a place where it's path will collide with the escaping unit. Once they are in rage (melee or otherwise) the units should engage the routing units automatically.
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