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Thread: Modern CPU for Medieval 2 engine

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    Default Modern CPU for Medieval 2 engine

    I would like to ask some help, or you can call it advices.

    Im wondering what is the peek of cpu single core power that medieval 2 can recognize? Could it recognize 5gh?
    Im asking this, because i plan to make some modificaation on very highly detailed models, like those for example.

    Those things are NOT made by me.
    Its hard to be seen on ss, but high quality graphics are like in new tw games. So i need as much as possible from medieval 2 engigne. Whats maximum of memory used of gpu? And whats maximum of gpu clock speed that can be recognized?

    I also wonder if it can see difference between 3200mhz ram and 1600mhz ram

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    Default Re: Modern CPU for Medieval 2 engine

    I haven't heard of a limit. But what I do think is that you will encounter problems not with the highest possible speed, but with the best possible detail resulting in crashes due to the game hitting a 'soft' limit of capabilities. With the 4GB patch that shall not be detailed, the memory usage exceeds 2GB. I believe it goes beyond 4, pending a system's ability to cope of course. Assuming this is all for you, I imagine the single core performance can be quite high, but when involving other people you will end up with serious diminishing returns.

    Basically, just try it out, see what is best stability wise and do it in layers, not all at once. Start with those models and slowly work up with whatever other things you're doing that will bump up processing.

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