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Thread: How do you move/drag units ?

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    Icon5 How do you move/drag units ?

    I feel really dumb but I don't manage to move properly my troops on the battle map. All I can do is left click on a enemy unit to order my selected unit to attack it. Holding left or right click and dragging doesn't work, right/left clicking on the ground doesn't make my units move to this position too...

    I looked on Google but I found no answer. In gameplay videos, I see people dragging units so I know it's just me that is dumb xD

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    Default Re: How do you move/drag units ?

    Usually, its left-click (select unit) and left-click again at the desired destination and/or target. If that don't work, its probably due to hardware and/or driver-related problems somehow. So, either its bad drivers or weird/poor hardware causing this problem, or both. As that is how the game typically works (left and left, basically)...

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