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Thread: Answer: Working Hotseats for Rule Britannia 1.7

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    Default Answer: Working Hotseats for Rule Britannia 1.7

    There's multiple threads on the matter, and I'd prefer this to stand out when browsing or searching.

    I use hotseat mechanics for my own purposes, so it was a nasty surprise when the game simply crashed when trying to do it. The issue is the first item in the script file, historic_event intro. This event is the issue, as commenting it out made the game run just fine.

    This is not a method to fix any script issues or whatever might show up otherwise, just advice that if you want to play hotseat, you need to stop that event from happening. Whatever it does, the game does not like.

    DIY: data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign\campaign_script.txt, put a ; character before historic_event intro. It will not break the game as far as I can tell. Existing save friendly.

    DFY: Stick this file into the directory above. Same script as RB 1.7, intro message turned off.

    Other notes,
    Scrolls and turns appear to be turned off by default in the mod's config. For hotseat to work 'professionally', you must change both settings from 0 to 1, allowing for diplomacy to happen on the right player turns and make it even possible to password protect.
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