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Thread: Can I get a brief rundown on Estates

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    Default Can I get a brief rundown on Estates

    Started a campaign as West Seaxe, noticed I have only 1 agri estate. That seems very different from Vanilla. Do we acquire more? how? Is there a manual already you an point me to, I looked for three days, and finally figured I would ask you guys. Thanks in advance.
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    Not a moderator or on the team, so take it with a grain of salt.

    To create more agri estates, you must switch your farms to the other option (noble estates).

    This may increase your money very slightly but it will cut your food output by 25-50% for that county/province. Depending on the type and level, you will gain 1 or 2 estates.

    Then you must give them to your generals, to increase their loyalty a small amount, just make sure you don't have more than two estates than ANY of your generals and governors or they will lose loyalty. So you can stay at one or zero estates or you need an estate for every general you have, or at least the most important ones. The estates increase influence, so don't let you generals/governors get more estates than you.

    Its an amazing idea with immense immersion, but it is broken IMO. I believe the Shieldwall team mentioned trying to fix the system. Lets say you need 5 estates for 2 governors, 2 generals and yourself. That's about 100 less food a turn you would have and maybe 50-75 coins increased income.

    I destroy every estate possible, pay money for the increased loyalty option and don't remove them from any office, even its to move them to another, because they just get mad. My King is always in charge of my main army.

    There you go and I hope I explained everything correctly. Easy to make more estates but IMO, they are not worth it.

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    Wow that was an old thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCB206 View Post
    Wow that was an old thread.
    Still appreciated though. haha

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