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Thread: Crash to Desktop mid battle

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    Default Crash to Desktop mid battle

    Every battle that I have tried to play in the grand campaign so far as United Kingdom (against the Iroquois and Cherokee mainly) crashes midway through. Here are 4 mdmp files from the crashes: Empire Total

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    I tried lowering graphics settings and havent had a crash since in battle.

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    Been there; Done that; Old hat. It happens to me if only because my GPU(video graphics card), although a Nvidia Geforce GTX 980, is not complemented by an equally powerful RAM(memory). I thought when I had myself custom built my computer that using DDR3 @ 1800 mhz (x2) would have sufficed. Sadly not. Knowing how the battle map is 'powered' by the GPU, I have found that having a motherboard with compatible RAM that can effectively and efficiently transfer the data coming from the GPU helps, because the GPU alone cannot.

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