I'm wondering if anyone else has an interest in medieval 2 campaigns with randomized starting setups using the hotseat feature to have the AI just do their own thing for a few hundred turns, and after that, take control of a faction, lift the fog of war and see what's up. A gameplay take on this is to take control of an interesting or a poorly off faction, and use that basis to start your own campaign. I've done it a few times to good effect, and I'd put work into putting some of those together with a bit of 'alternative lore' to get them by and faction choices for whoever wants to play them for whatever mod. It does work on quite a few of them (any that are stable and have hotseat functions really), but the effects aren't as good on mods with longer turns per year (takes a heck of a long time to make any meaningful progress for 4tpy, and forget it with anything more divvied than that. I mainly refer to characters when thinking why).