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Thread: Bolghar and Shine - A stratmap minimod

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    Default Bolghar and Shine - A stratmap minimod

    Have you ever felt that the Volga Bulghars and Kypchak stratmap cities and castles are a bit too flashy for the steppes?
    Well, this mod might just be for you.

    I've tried to make a new texture-set for the Volga-Bulghars and the Kypchak settlements. No more fancy blue and bright sandstone, and instead more drab colors fit for the Steppe's harsh climate. I've tried to stay as truthful to authentic Bolghar and Kypchak building, but the lack of remaining architecture from these civilizations has made this very hard, so a few liberties has been taken.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Easy. Download THIS, grab it and overwrite your Broken Crescent data-folder, and you should be good to go. As no text-files are being messed with here, its save-game friendly!
    It's made for the Buff and Shine-mod, but regular BC-users should still be fine. Report back if that isn't the case!

    Let me know if there should be any problems!

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    Default Re: Bolghar and Shine - A stratmap minimod

    Nice idea! I never really cared for the models, but this is gonna add a nice bit of flavor to the steppe factions.

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