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Thread: Getting the One Ring as the Ar-Adunaim

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    Default Getting the One Ring as the Ar-Adunaim

    I was kind of disappointed when the popup I got was that of any evil faction getting it, with Sauron requesting that I relinquish the Ring to him. I felt this faction from most should have a unique interaction with the Ring, seeing as to how they hate Sauron, but are still to some degree 'Dark' Numenoreans, I felt it'd be really in character for this ambitious human king to want to use the Ring in usurping Sauron's authority and creating a glorious Numenorean Empire. Is there perchance a submod that addresses this matter?

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    I suppose if anyone wanted to make a submod for this, they would basically be using the Isengard script. But even for a non-canon faction, it would take serious bending of the lore for a mortal to use the ring in the same way as Saruman could.

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    If the Ar-Adunaim get the ring, they should have the ability to make the Temple units that Mordor has. With the ring in the hands of the new Pharazon, the dark numenoreans would flock to his banner. That and have the option to get some orc or goblin fodder units because the wretches are easily enslaved by the ring's power.

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    I always keep the ring. Simplest fix that needs to happen is the ring needs to give more power! +5 hps or whatever it does not does not cut it

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