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    Hello there people! So I was planning on starting the new Gundabad campaign, so I tried to first find some guides, giving myself a little headstart. However, I failed to find any. So I ask you guys, I someone could give me some tips about the campaign, my primary goals and such. Any help is apritiated. Thanks to everyone in advance!

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    As the resident Orc-horde veteran commander and self-proclaimed expert, I'll be happy to work out what I think is a decent outline of a general Orcs of Gundabad (Divide and Conquer) strategy. Now since this faction hasn't been around as long as other Orc factions, I haven't had the same amount of experience with them as the more "traditional" Orc hordes (such as the original Gundabad faction from Vanilla and MOS). They combine elements of the the basic Orc faction and the Northern Dunedain, which make for a really unique experience. So while there will be some crossover of the familiar stuff, the Orcs of Gundabad require adaptation from the norm.

    The Basics:

    1. Take the rebel castle by the lake to the north east
    2. Build the economic buildings first (Farms, then roads, then markets)
    3. The Dwarves of Erebor will reach you VERY quickly; send a spy eastward to keep an eye on the Grey Mountains
    4. Anduin is surprisingly aggressive. You can obtain a trade agreement from them, but they will probably still attack you if you leave a vulnerable force (low garrison, small stack near Anduin territory, etc.)
    5. Ally with Angmar, they will be your temporary buffer against the Blue Dwarves.
    6. DON'T play like a normal Orc faction. Treat your non-fodder units as valuable as you would as if you were playing ND. It will be some time before you can throw away half a stack of Orcs without feeling any losses.
    7. Your archers are pretty decent, use them to your advantage. When fighting Dwarves, take out any skirmishers or light armored, high attack power troops (pikes, for example). When supporting your front line, take your archers around and fire into the backs of the Dwarves (engage Dwarven infantry by spreading your own out in a thin line. You don't want to completely surround them until you've used up all your ranged ammo).
    8. Once you get Wargs, use them to mop up routing units, chasing down ranged units, and as a final blow in a hammer/anvil move to destroy enemy morale. Don't keep them engaged in melee, they will die.
    9. Protect your starting generals. Use them as shock troops or holding off weaker units (not recommended against Dwarves).
    10. You can either ally with Goblins of Moria or take them over. Or let their enemies take them over and then swoop in. Misty Mountains are much needed money-makers and recruitment centers. In either case, HIRE DIPLOMATS. You will need them.

    Expansion and your neighbors:

    Expansion is pretty much up to you. You have to options to go east or south, with Dwarves in both directions. Goblintown starts off as a rebel settlement and is really tempting, but I generally advise against it early game as Anduin will more than likely go to war, and Goblintown is vulnerable in that its a bit of a distance from Gundabad. If you want the Dwarves of Erebor to lay off the aggression, you'll need to invade Erebor. You don't want to fight post-Barracks Script Dwarves; that will be an uphill battle even for Gundabad. I recommend a slow push eastward, and let the Goblins of Moria take the brunt of your southern neighbors. Unless Anduin sends a stack with 3 or more Skin Changer generals, you will be able to beat them back with a respectable garrison. The Mirkwood Elves are kind of a wild card; normally they'll be too preoccupied with Dol Guldur, but always be wary of them. Also keep an eye out for Khazad-dum's progress so you aren't surprised when they've taken Goblintown and show up at your front door with a stack of seasoned troops.

    Now back to the Dwarves of Erebor: Once you take the Lonely Mountain, Dale will most likely attack. I honestly wouldn't worry too much, as by that point they'll be fighting against Rhun and Dol Guldur, and in my experience they generally will accept peace a turn or two after declaring war. While you are pushing your way to the Iron Hills, send a diplomat over to Rhun and try your best to broker an alliance. They should be more open to it if you are both at war with Dale at the moment.

    Remember when I said to ally with Angmar? A little after the barracks event, they will start to lose their advantage against the Dunedain and Blue Mountain Dwarves. You have a choice here: 1) Let Angmar fall and swoop in to take out the battle damaged Dwarven/ND armies or 2) Help Angmar with a blitz-invasion force to attack enemy stacks and/or sack enemy settlements and letting them rebel/sell to Angmar. Up to you, as it all depends on your situation. If you can't do option 2) don't feel bad.

    Now the south. Hoo-boy. By the time you finish off Erebor, the South will probably be looking grim. Most likely the Goblins of Moria will be trying to push back the waves of Dwarves, Beornings, and Elves, until they're down to one or two settlements. Khazad-dum will be the toughest of these opponents, as your archers and Wargs will be less effective against them compared to the slightly less armored elves. Vale of Anduin will provide a modest challenge but are manageable. Imladris will probably win most of your early engagements unless you have experience dealing with Elven factions. Since Gundabad doesn't really work like normal Orc hordes, I can't give 100% solid advice on the best way to combat them. Best I can do is to say you'll have to accept heavy losses, but a loss ratio of 1:1 against Elves and Dwarves is a solid win for any Orc faction, even if you lose the battle. You can still replenish more quickly than your enemies (sans Anduin), so be prepared to enter the meat grinder. A good way to combat most Elven stacks is to get their units separated as your primary objective. You'll have to sacrifice some of your heavier units to accomplish this, but your fodder can soak up arrows and help flank infantry. Use Wargs and your own archers to combat Elven archers.
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