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    I have been checking out Imladris a bit. What strategy would you recommend with them in the most recent DaC version? Should one go for the nearby goblin fortress ASAP? For Rhaudar? Should one blitz, or stay low initially?

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    I recommend playing as them a few times as IIRC they're putting the high elves factions back together again in the next update.

    First thing's first, take out the Goblins of Moria, or at the very least Goblintown. The Misty Mountain settlements are excellent moneymakers, and you'll want to take advantage of your troop superiority early on before the Dwarves come by and take all those settlements themselves. The Orcs of Gundabad provide a new challenge, as you can expect conflict with them once you start sharing borders, but they SHOULD be preoccupied with the Dwarvse and Vale of Anduin. Take Rhudaur if you find the opportunity, I guess. if the ND take it first it's no big deal. The Rhudaur settlements aren't as important as the Eregion ones, which will be your next step.

    After taking the settlements south of you, take some time to recover and build your infrastructure. You can move south against Dunland, who will prove easier than the Goblins. Or go North East/West and help your allies against Gundabad/Angmar. Your choice.

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