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    So is the point of these units to just add some immersion or is it intended to be more of a meat shield or stop gap unit? What do you guys personally use these units for? I dont touch them really and kind of find them a waste that could be better if they were normal town spear.

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    I put them in front of my spears as a temporary missile shield (for as long as they hold), or if I have a general with any defensive assets I use them to trigger those (fire pits, flaming balls etc).

    If I'm fighting a force I can definitely beat, I'll leave them in the background until enemy units start routing then use them to chase down and kill survivors.

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    Normally I use them as meatshield for pillum/cavalry charges, but they can be useful to kill routing units due to high speed/low strategic value.
    That said, in some cultures like daco-thracians they are pretty useful because they are skirmishers, and even the best unit dies quickly against a javelin volley.

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    Aside from their meatshield uses, they can be used to wrap around the enemy once they're committed and chase off their skirmishers. Even if they're not strong enough to beat the skirmisher unit in melee, they'll often chase a single unit to the edge of the map before getting their asses kicked, effectively taking a potentially strong skirmisher unit out of the fight.

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    They're also useful defending against a cavalry heavy attack. Put them in front of the spears and they will take the brunt of the charge, getting wrecked in the process, but allowing your spearmen the initiative when charging against the now stationary cavalry.

    A particularly useful tactic if the AI has superior levels of power, and thus will throw its cavalry straight at you without waiting for the infantry.

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    I remember there was a mod sometime where there was a variant of citizens that had missile attack with throwing stones. Could be nice athmospheric addon if not else to have some rock throwing mobs

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    Didn't the vanilla game feature peasants as stone throwers?

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    its worth noting that Roman garrisons have Italian Swordsmen with 70 (!!) armor and good melee stats that can stand and fight against high tier barbarian units. For all factions though, a garrison can help you project force while reinforcements are arriving. I can sit an 8 or 10 stack of decent units in a town and know that, complimenting the garrison, they can defend from a full enemy army. I generally use up the garrison first to inflict "free" casualties on the attacking army without taking any casualties on the army that has to campaign and of course more missile units are always welcome in town defense battles

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