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Thread: Partly no Text, no Unit Description Visible

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    Default Partly no Text, no Unit Description Visible

    I installed the mod (3.2 + 3.3 patch) today on a fresh ETW, no problems at first, I can start it with the launcher, but as soon as the TAR Empire campaign menu appears, there is no text in the fields (Singleplayer, Grand Campaigns, and so), all are empty. When I start a grand campaign by guesswork (click second field from above, then forth from above), I can read some descriptions, but some are empty, for example the difficulty Settings or the Start button. After starting the campaign, some text is there (advisor text, town names etc.), but for example no units are shown in the army stack.

    What is missing? Has it to do with language?

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    Default Re: Partly no Text, no Unit Description Visible

    English is the only Language option up to date. if the language in the TAR launcher is set to English and you are still missing text then that usually means that you have a localization file form another mod interfering

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