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Thread: Still Shogun2-Modders around here?

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    Default Still Shogun2-Modders around here?


    i would like to ask whether there are still TWS2-Modders here at TWC, or not?
    For some weeks i got into Shogun2-Campaign-Map-Modding...well, i figured some things out, some things not by now...but i make progress and got tips from uanime5 himself.

    What i would like to know whether there is someone who would like to work on a expanded-Morning Sun Mod.
    While i am aware of the unvisible buildings and trees problem if you go too far east or west, plus know that the mini map can only display 255 regions...i still want to add some regions to Morning Sun. I currently test the Morning Sun Map, but scaled down to the half...and ran into a lot of issues, and even if i will be able to solve all those issues, its not sure that a half-sized Morning Sun Map would be playable.

    But even if it would be not playable, then my Plan B is to use the Morning Sun Map, and add Regions to it.
    I am not sure by now, but maybe the North of Vietnam and Laos should be possible.

    I wonder whether there is A: someone here who think this idea is interesting, even in 2019, and B: perhaps even someone here who would like to collaborate with me to bring this idea to reality.

    feel free to tell me what you think

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    Default Re: Still Shogun2-Modders around here?

    I guess there are some people. There's people working on a LotR mod for S2 called Last Alliance. They made some new animations, very interesting stuff.

    I recently sparked my passion again when I saw a Sengoku Jidai mod WIP for medieval 2. I wanna make a realistic units/banners (and such things) mod, bringing the colorful armies to shogun that vanilla never had. Basically the stuff that you see in paintings, movies and reenactments. It involves work with textures and unit parts. It's only in the beggining phase, while I still try to figure out the basics again, and learn texturing (for some reason now my Tweak can't make new units anymore, which is just great...).

    I don't know anything about modding campaign map sadly. What do you mean a half-sized map? The idea seems cool, but I don't know if it's really necessary considering the huge amount of work. I mean, I didn't see a huge amount of people looking for vietnam and laos in S2

    But anyway, good luck to you! I hope you will figure things out, it's always nice to have new mods
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    Default Re: Still Shogun2-Modders around here?

    Thanks for your reply

    your idea sounds cool too

    i needed to bury my „half-sized-Morning Sun Map“ because it will simply not work in Shogun.
    now i started to remake the Morning Sun Map as i want it, have no plans to release it if it will be completed anytime in the future. I for one would love to have a „Total War - Asia“ , this was the basic idea, but there are too much limitations unfortunately. anyway, i will try to achieve what i want to achieve, and perhaps Vietnam and Laos is still possible, even when i am the only one which is interested in this

    good luck to you too, and its good to see there are still Shogun2-Modders =)

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