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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    When will INVASIO BARBARORVM III be released?

    It is important to point out that we are in the early stages of development. At the moment we're examining, and discussing the possibilities and limitations of Total War: Attila. Many assets have been made but they are still being implemented. We have unit rosters, campaign mechanics, and other aspects of the mod in development at this time.

    When will it start?

    INVASIO BARBARORVM III will have multiple campaigns, the first of which will be INVASIO BARBARORVM III: FERRVM ATTILA or "Barbarian Invasion 3: Iron for Attila," and will start in the 440's AD utilizing the Charlemagne map. We have plans for additional campaigns set during the 4th, 6th, and 8th centuries as well, but are not presently working on them at this time.

    The makers of INVASIO BARBARORVM III are also collaborating with multiple other projects for Attila, such as Avetis, Dramabelli, and the team of JVDEX REX.

    What will it feature?

    INVASIO BARBARORVM III will be a complete overhaul for Attila: Total War. However, unlike most mods, it will instead focus on achieving as historically accurate an experience as possible. So what does that mean for development and gameplay?

    1. Every single asset in Attila needs to be re-done. Period. They're all terrible. Our first release of the mod likely won't have completely overhauled some things, such as some building models, but there will be a complete unit and UI overhaul in version 1.0.

    2. The Romans are strong, they have well-funded and well trained field armies, and even the Limitanei are as good as their Comitatensian infantry. The trade off is that maintaining the army is extremely expensive, and raising new units is slow but worthwhile. Relying on your foederati (the Aquitanian Goths, the Franks of Chlodio, the Burgundians of Savoy, the Alamanni, and your faithful Alans) will prove vital to maintaining control of the empire. Militarily you dominate, unless your diplomacy falls apart.

    3. The Germanic player has two options: the Roman option, or the Hunnic option. You can either become federates of the empire, and eventually begin to exert your influence over it, or you can join Attila's confederation to torture it for tribute. Choosing the Roman option will transform your army into semi-professional organized foederati, while choosing the Hunnic option gives you many allies as one of Attila's loyal vassals.

    4. Many of Attila's basic systems will be experienced differently. The economy will be based around the Roman Solidus: unit costs, upkeep, and maintenance based on the individual and his pay in Annonae. Buildings will be roughly equated with historical costs of construction (something we're lacking data on). Corruption will be significantly nerfed, climate mechanisms will be removed as they wouldn't be noticed over the timescale of a playthrough. Recruitment will be regionalized. Province desolation will be restricted to the Huns. Other features will be changed, removed, or added as needed.

    Of course, the player can still play as they wish, but these are the objectives we're aiming for in designing the gameplay.

    Can I join?

    We're always looking for talented and devoted people who want to join and help out. If you're interested, send us a pm and introduce yourself.

    Art by Joar.
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