Mod Platform: Attila
Release Status: Unreleased as of 2019-09-13
Mod creator\team leaders: Magister Militum Flavius Aetius, Athos187, Delta_0
Mod team members: Charerg, Stealth4Health, WibblyWWonder, CROWNROBIN
Mod Description: INVASIO BARBARORVM III is the successor to the classic INVASIO BARBARORVM and INVASIO BARBARORVM II mods for Rome and Medieval II Total War. Set in the waning years of the western Roman empire, this mod intends to bring an "as historically accurate as possible" presentation of the late Roman and early Byzantine periods using the Attila engine. The mod will expand to encompass all of the main campaigns, beginning with the FERRVM ATTILA campaign starting in 443 AD. INVASIO BARBARORVM III will feature a significant gameplay overhaul and a completely new set of historically accurate unit models.
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Permissions: Permission by request only