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    Default Hellenika Total War

    Mod set at 360 BC in classical Greece.


    - Athênai
    - Lakedaímon
    - Thêbai
    - Kórinthos
    - Akhaia
    - Êlis
    - Árgos
    - Messenía
    - Arkadia
    - Sikyon
    - Mégara


    - Doric
    - Attic
    - Achaean
    - Boeotian
    - Aetolian
    - Arcadian
    - Messenian


    - Map of classical Greece with 11 factions fighting for hegemony
    - Mod designed with greater focus on immersion
    - Campaign only mod scripted for automatically use auto resolve in an immersive way
    - Scripts for gameplay improvement
    - Support for multiplayer co-op campaigns
    - Improved game mechanics and AI


    - The Greek Wars (its smaller campaign map and factions are the base of this mod, unit models)
    - De Bello Mundi (settlements, ships and trade ship models)
    - Paeninsula Italica II (base interface)
    - Normal's Rome II Unit Icons (unit cards)
    - Wrath of Sparta red-figure mod (unit info cards)
    - Europa Barbarorum II (mouse cursor, some scripts)
    - Europa Barbarorum II/z3n (campaign AI)
    - Ancient Conquest (module folder used as base)

    Hellenika Total War v0.5 beta RELEASED

    1- Extract to your Medieval II Total War\mods.
    2- Go to the new folder Hellenika in your Medieval II Total War\mods.
    3- Use the "Executable" batch file to launch the mod.
    4- Play and have fun.

    - Hellenika Total War DOES NOT support Real-Time Battles. You can not play custom, historical or normal campaign battles.
    - Starting Date: 360 BC.



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