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Thread: La Roseraie, Maryland

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    Default La Roseraie, Maryland


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    Default Re: La Roseraie, Maryland

    A letter comes addressed to Jean-Baptiste Bellerose, penned by the hand of President Lionheart himself.
    Monsieur Bellerose,

    In light of your distinguished service to our young nation in the courts of Europe, and especially our valued ally France, it is my esteemed honor to offer you the seat of Secretary of State in my cabinet. In this capacity, you will chiefly be responsible for crafting our foreign policy at the highest level.

    As well, please pass my regards on to your brother Pierre. Let him (and nobody but him, if you please) know that he will be my first choice for commander of the Army, once it has been resurrected through the appropriate Congressional channels.

    Kind regards,
    Arthur Lionheart
    President of the United States of America

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