Hello TW friends - I haven't been here in a VERY long time, but I have an interesting story that may give people some ideas or inspiration

Many many years ago, I wrote some AARs here on the forums for Empire. One reader bemoaned the lack of screenshots. In a huff, I decided to go one up: I'd do a video. Except, I had no machinima skills whatsoever. So I taught myself the basics of editing, learned FRAPS in and out, and started making vids for a little fun.

Over the next couple of years, I was approached to do some in-game cutscenes and vids, and a few ads for a couple of the big video game companies. It made me a couple of $s, but was still a hobby. Eventually, I was getting enough contract work to contemplate serious work. Curious, I thought I would dip my toe into the world of editing film: short films and documentaries to start. That took off, but was not hugely lucrative $$ wise, so I took a left turn into sound.

Now, I have a career and a business (with a few employees) doing location audio for tv shows, feature films, and sport networks. I've done sci-fi films, cooking networks, interviews of top athletes, and even a bunch of Hallmark and Lifetime films lol...a bit of everything.

No joke - it never would have happened without the thriving community here that I was once a part of.

My lesson is that if you are willing to put in the work, you never know where your hobby may take you. If someone critiques your work, learn from it and do better. And follow the money

Cheers everyone!

Steve (aka The Nanny)