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Thread: What is the best Total War game?

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    Default What is the best Total War game?

    • Empire
    • Napoleon
    • Attila
    • Rome
    • Total War: Warhammer
    • Medieval 2
    • Total War: Warhammer 2
    • Shogun 2. There are other games on this list with more units, greater scope, and grander settings, but Shogun 2 is Creative Assembly at its cohesive best


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    Default Re: What is the best Total War game?

    By which metric? Which point of view? In my opinion every TW is special in some aspects and doing things beter than others.

    Older games? Shogun/Rome/Med1+2 - They have their specific feeling. Definitely the best moddability is one of greatest advantages. Med 2 set norms for long time.

    Empire/Napoleon/FotS - Clearly if you want gun powder era it will disqualify many TWs. Napoleon surpass Empire in terms of mechanics and improvements, it has great Napoleonic atmosphere but it is lacking grand scope of Empire. Naval combat feels like coastal action, totally missing "trade" theatres and high sea action which is available only Empire, all others TWs with naval combat are feeling just like more restricted versions. Rome2/Attila only Mediterranean, ToB just water round Albion, FotS/Shogun 2 just coastal round Japan banana.. And there is the whole colonial aspect. Due to theatres Americas and India are feeling like distant countries from European perspective. Empire on other hand has many bugs but I still prefer it as almost every Napoleon campaign is feeling way similar, you always fight around France while in Empire there is so many starting strategies like expansion into N. America, Carribean, S. America or Europe or heading into India. FotS is of course the most advance tech. I like coastal bombardment but for example castles and modern vs traditional unit battles feel strange.

    Shogun 2 - is standing alone. It has hands done the best immersion in global. Music, artistic things, graphics, feelings, Avatar conquest...but it is lacking in other aspects. Clans are way similar, unit rosters.. Campaigns are fight from one end of banana to the other.

    Rome2/Attila/ToB - Rome 2 has for me great Ancient Empire vibe, there is something about Hellenistic/Roman splendour. Attila oin other hands is very hardcore, dirty world heading down the apocalypse. It is also one of few titles where you can start as big empire and try to survive. Mechanics are again superb and built upon Rome 2 many mistakes but then again R2 got some late DLCs adding a lot stuff like family trees. Attila on other hand has still big performace issues. ANd what about ToB? It would be great performance fix for Attila, great DLC but it is standalone. As full game it is falling short but on other hand it is very god introduction title into series. Letīs say somebody wants to start with TWs. This title has no DLCs, it cheaper and anybody can learn basics very well. Definitely game is underrated due to being compared with others full titles.

    Wh1/Wh2 - Especially current Wh2 ME, that is crazy ride totally using all advantages of TW formula. No naval combat, weak economy focus but total battle fun. Fantion and unit diversity at total maximum. History fans probably get heart attack what what is more epic than Dinosaurs fighting Dragons? Great addition of magic, RPG aspects.

    3K - this is hard, game is still in beginning of its life cycle, lot content is still out. Will it be another Shogun 2?

    Troy - My estimation are this will be better ToB mixed with more "fantasy/mysticism" feeling.

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    Default Re: What is the best Total War game?

    Yes, discussing this somewhat lacks a point without defining the metrics of greatness. Multiple games missing from the list, unless they're just ones you like.

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