The Supreme Court of the United States, comprised of the six highest judges in the land, meets to exercise its ultimate jurisdiction over all federal and state cases that involve a point of federal law. Its greatest power is that of judicial review, the ability to strike down laws and presidential directives that it judges to violate the Constitution. The Justices who comprise its ranks are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate for lifetime terms, and led by a Chief Justice who is the most senior among them: the Chief Justice's vote is worth no more or less than that of the Associate Justices, but he plays a key role in determining which cases are heard by the Supreme Court, for it is he who gets to compile a list of legal petitions that he feels are sufficiently meritorious that the Court should consider hearing them out.

SCOTUS currently meets at: Old Royal Exchange, New York City

The current number of Justices on the bench are: 6 (1 Chief, 5 Associate)

The current Chief Justice is: TBD

The current Associate Justices are: