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    Quote Originally Posted by Pericles of Athens View Post

    Willem Bok Senior was deep in his cups as the festivities reached a peak. He dapped the sweat from his forehead, his handkerchief now throughly stained. He eyed the crowd, his eyes eventually falling on Thomas Lindberg, the Governor casually excused himself and made his way toward the newly minted Governor of Pennsylvania. “Ah, good to see you here, I believe congratulations are in order.” His cheeks were rosy pink. “I thought I’d get to know the man who will be governing New York’s closest neighbor.”


    After speaking with Lionheart, Pierre spotted Harris and could not help himself but go to speak with the man. His old subordinate, rival, enemy. The man surrounded himself with President Lionheart’s enemies, so it seemed odd that Pierre had seen the Vice President speaking to Harris earlier. Something to keep in mind, Pierre thought as he approached. “Ami.” He said, surprising the man in the language Harris loathed above all others. “Have you been enjoying my time away from the states, Mr. Harris?” He asked, a slight smirk gracing his lips and a smug aura of condescension radiating about him.
    Thomas turned around and smiled at the inebriated man who greeted him, shaking his hand.

    "Ah, thank you Mr... Bok, isn't it? A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Congratulations to you as well, with your state having the honor to host the first Presidential inauguration in our country's history. Let us hope these good festivities are an omen for a bright future ahead, especially with our new and untested Constitution."


    Harris felt a chill run down his spine when he heard Bellerose's friendly greeting. He would have to calm down lest he beat the man with his cane. He faced the Frenchman with a forced smile.

    "Mr. Bellerose... these past years have done wonders to my health, thank you very much. I am surprised the yearning for your mother country did not have strong enough grip on you, though I guess with the current state of madness in France any half-sane man would flee."

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Goldwater View Post
    "Have no fear, I'm sure I'll be visiting Philadelphia often, on account of it being where Congress meets - it might be more efficient to travel there to deal with any bills they pass than to have them be sent to my desk, so that if any should wish to object to my signature or veto, they can do it to my face rather than engage in a back-and-forth with letters. If our Congress proves especially active, perhaps I'll have to come more often than the city's most esteemed citizens can bear." Arthur smiled at the joke.

    "My return to civilian life has been a welcome break from the battlefield. All grandfathers should spend some of their days playing with their grandchildren and watching their fields grow, in my opinion." Lionheart spared a glance at the next dish the servants were bringing out, steak by the looks of it, but quickly returned his gaze to Lindberg. "I confess that at times, I do miss it - planning around the war table, the pageantry and heroic bloodshed on the field of battle alike, thinking up a new stratagem midway through battle to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and the thrill of triumph. But you have my word, as Pierre Bellerose did not long ago, that I will not start a war simply to relieve my boredom." He chuckled at that.
    Thomas chuckled at the President's joke.

    "Philadelphia will always be a grateful host to the President, how many times you choose to visit. Unless we can agree on a new federal district to be carved out of another state, the actions of the federal government will have to be tempered by the journey between our two cities."

    Lindberg took a sip of wine before answering Arthur Lionheart.

    "A promise very much welcome, Mr. President. For nine long years we fought for our freedom, the desire for more bloodshed should be extinguished from the hearts of the people. I pray our children and grandchildren are blessed with a world that will spare them from the hardships we had to face. A toast to that, even!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord William View Post
    It was a struggle in those days, the contential Congress was refusing to adopt the Massachusetts militia, they refused to send supplies and reinforcements, they refused to declare war hoping Britain would concede to their demands. Britain’s attacks of aggression only meant war and they were fools not to see it. General Lionheart may have given America her must needed military victories but Richard Clare orchestrated the fight for independence without which the cause would have been lost of hope and doomed from the start.

    Indeed you may Sir,
    Should I ever endeavour to Albany I shall call upon you.
    I have served within several foreign courts on the road to independence, France, Netherlands, and Britain.
    He twirled his cane in his hands, pondering his next words.

    "Mr. Clare, what is your opinion of Britain and France, now that the dust has been allowed to settle after the war?"
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