Hi, I've been toying around with modding Napoleon for Muktiplayer purposes (trying to eliminate the inherent superiority of defensive play the game has) and while I am at it fixing the uniform of the Swedish Line Infantry. Ironically the uniform of the Militia is more accurate for the Line infantry than the line infantry uniform they have currently.

I figured out how to switch the model of the line infantry to the Militia, and change the colour of the coat from Grey to blue (though now the Militia has a blue coat as well) I cannot figure out how I can change the colour of the cross strapping from Black to White.

Is this something to do with the Texture map or is there some function in the Database that I can tweak? The latter is easier for me to do.

Also, is it possible to change the headgear of models without changing going through the texture maps? For example if I wanted to switch of a Kiwer Shako for a hat is that possible through the database or would I need to open up a texture map and edit it that way in Photoshop? I'm not good with photoshop so that option is out of the question