Hello. I also found an issue when I besieging Star Fort Cities and settlement(which is surrounded with traditional medieval II walls).

I built Two ladders as a attackers and assaulted into the City, Two troops who bring ladders can reach to the Star fort walls, But There is a problem. In the Wall which is closer to the Gate, Its troops could climb the walls. But The Others cannot climb the other walls which is far from the Gate. So I stuck at the besieging the Star fort.

Also About the Settlement, Because of the traditional wall, which is no different than MTW2 vanilla, Troops can climb the walls. But I don't get why Troops cannot move into the grass on square and can only move when they follow the roads inthe square? I meant the inaccessible land(ironically there has no buildings or trees or barriers but inaccessible) in the square.

How's going on the progress of fix and patch? Do you guys consider to release the patch or bugfix? I like Star Fort walls despite It has a lot of problems in the game because This mod appears Star Fort only in Medieval II total war. I haven't seen star fort walls on For King or County(English Civil War Mod which is parliament versus royalist) and With the Fire and Sword II mod, Potop Total War. And I really like to play the period of Thirty Years War tbh.